Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving Audit Table Out Of SYSTEM Tablespace

Database auditing is the process of recording, monitoring and reporting of the actions performed on a database. AUD$ is the underlying table that holds all of the system auditing information which resides in SYSTEM tablespace. We keep on deleting and truncating the Aud$ table so that it doesnot grow large. This deleting and truncating of the SYS.AUD$ table will fragment the SYSTEM tablespace. 

Until 11g, the way to move out SYS.AUD$ is not supported. If  we want to do it then we to do it manually . In 11g we can do it by the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.SET_AUDIT_TRAIL_LOCATION  provided with the DBMS_MGMT package .So below are the steps .

1.) Connect to database as SYS user.
C:\> sqlplus sys/xxxx@noida  as sysdba

2.) Create a tablespace for audit file as
SQL>create tablespace aud_tbs datafile 'C:\app\Neerajs\oradata\noida/audit.dbf'  size 10M autoextend on ;

3.) Create a table inside aud_tbs tablespace as
SQL> create table aud_tab tablespace aud_tbs  as select * from sys.aud$ where 1=2 ;

4.) Rename the Original Audit table as 
SQL> rename aud$ to aud$_org ;

5.) Rename table  aud_tab  to AUD$
SQL> rename aud_tab  to aud$ ;

Hence, auditing record will be stored in the aud_tbs tablespace .Further, we can create an index on the aud_tbs table for quick access .

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vijay said...

Can we do all these commands online.Aren't we inhibiting audit operations logged while renaming?

vijay said...

Can we do all these commands online.If so,doesn't it inhibit logging of audit data while renaming?


Hi Vijay ,

No .... Ensure that all auditing in the system is disabled. You may run into problems if auditing is turned on while moving the audit table and its data.

Have fun and enjoy :)