Friday, April 1, 2011

How to get port number list of Enterprise Manager and isqlplus

 During installation, Oracle Universal Installer assigns port numbers to components from a set of default port numbers.  Many Oracle Database components and services use ports. It is important to know the port numbers used by these services, and to make sure that the same port number is not used by two services on our host.
The portlist information of enterprise manger or isqlplus or others web services are find out at the location  $ORACLE_HOME\install\portlist.ini. In my case the  following details can found in ini file .

iSQL*Plus HTTP port number =5560
Enterprise Manager Console HTTP Port (noida) = 5500
Enterprise Manager Agent Port (noida) = 1830
Enterprise Manager Console HTTP Port (delhi) = 5501
Enterprise Manager Agent Port (delhil) = 1831

Note: The ports that are in portlist.ini file were assigned during the installation. This file is not updated if port numbers are changed after the installation

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