Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When To Use Database Resident Connection Pooling

Database resident connection pooling is useful when multiple clients access the database and when any of the following apply  :
  • A large number of client connections need to be supported with minimum memory usage.
  • The client applications are similar and can share or reuse sessions.
  • Applications are similar if they connect with the same database credentials and use the same schema.
  • The client applications acquire a database connection, work on it for a relatively short duration, and then release it.
  • Session affinity is not required across client requests.
  • There are multiple processes and multiple hosts on the client side.
Advantages of Database Resident Connection Pooling : Using database resident connection pooling provides the following advantages :
  • Enables resource sharing among multiple middle-tier client applications.
  • Improves scalability of databases and applications by reducing resource usage.
  • Provides pooling for architectures with multi-process, single-threaded application servers.

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