Friday, September 9, 2011

IMP-00010 not a valid export file header failed verification , IMP-00000:

While performing an exp/imp operation , i got IMP-00010 while importing the dumps .On googling i found that this error occur generally due to two reasons .

1.) File Corrupted During Transfer.
Note : FTP should be done in BINARY MODE

2.) When export dump file is higher version and import in lower version.
e.g; exp dump file is Oracle 10g and import in Oracle 9i

Export From            <---->   Import to   <----> Use Import/Export Utility
Version : <----->   <----->
Version : <----->   9.2              <----->   9.2
Version : <----->   9.0.1           <----->   9.0.1

Note : Suppose we want to import export dump file in 9.2.0 then we must use 9.2.0 export tools for export data from and run CATEXP.SQL script which is located in Located : $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin

Consider an example : Dumpfile exported in Oracle 11gr1  and has to be Imported  in 10gr1, 9i. Then use Oracle 11gr1 client (IMPORT) binary to export 11g dumpfile. Install oracle 11g client and connect to 10g,9i,8i server and import .

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WenQiang SG said...

Does it also mean that if I was to import into from, I would need to use on

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Hi WenQiang SG

The export dump can be imported into . you need to use the Version parameter in your expdp statements and specify the version into which you want to import (in your case,it is . For more details check the below link .

Hope this help you :-)