Friday, March 4, 2011

Displaying Oracle background processes on Windows

We knows how to use the "ps -ef" command in UNIX to see Oracle background processes but we are not able to see the background processes in Windows ? When we view Oracle processes on Windows, all we see is one background process called oracle.exe.?

This is because in Windows, the "thread" model is used, and Oracle dispatches his own background tasks within the domain of the single process, oracle.exe. Hence, we cannot see any background processes from the Windows OS (but we can see listener process and parallel query slaves).To see details about the background processes in Windows,we need to run a dictionary query against the v$bgprocess view to see what the background processes are doing in Window .

The below sql statement is useful to view the background process in windows .

SQL> select a.sid,a.serial#, a.program,, p.spid, a.osuser,, b.DESCRIPTION, p.PGA_USED_MEM   from v$session a,v$process p, v$bgprocess b where a.paddr=b.paddr 
      and    a.paddr=p.addr and p.background=1;
Output  : 

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