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The best PTC site to earn money

PTC  site also  named as  Paid To Click.  The  PTC  sites  are the easiest way to earn money online. From the  PTC  sites  you can  easily  earn money  by clicking  your mouse and then viewing  ads. So they allow you  to  make money  without extra  effort, require  almost no  skills. Besides ad viewing there is some referrals and renting  mechanism through  which   also  you can  earn some  additional  money from  them. All you  need  is  to  have  an  Internet  connection,  open  a  PTC site, view the advertisements. You normally will  receive  $0.05   to   $0.02 per ad views and then you can draw money after a certain amount of money is a ccumulated in your account.

There  is some rules  for each  PTC  advertisements .  For  example  you have  to view the advertisements  for  30  seconds to  get  paid. Also  there  is  Terms  of  Service  in each PTC sites. So   before you register in  any  PTC  site  you  first     read  through  their Terms  of  Service. After  reaching  certain amount  of money  you  can  draw  money  from  the site  to  a  PayPal  or  AlertPay  account. For example in neobux PTC  site, The  minimum   payout a  mount is  set  at  $2.00  (two US dollars)  for  your first  payout  request,  $3.00  (three US dollars)  for  the  second,  $4.00 (four US dollars)  for  the  third  and  so on  until $10.00 (ten US dollars).

Note  that,  in  the  PTC  industry    there  is  too many   PTC   sites and   most  of   them are  scam . You register  them,  earn  some  money  in  that  site  account (unpaid yet)  and   whenever  it  is  time  to draw  money  from  their  site  your  account  got  disabled . So  before  working  with  PTC  sites  it  is important  to identify  which  one  is  scam  site  and  which one is good.  Because  it  is  pathetic  that after  you  pass time with them and after viewing advertisement they would pay you nothing.

Following is the lists of some good PTC sites that I have ever heard. 

1.) Neobux:  As  far  as  I  know Neobux  is  genuine site  in the  PTC  site  history.  They  are  free worldwide  service  available  in  both  English  and  Portuguese   language.  Their service  consists  of  allowing  advertisers  to  reach  thousands  of  potential  customers  by  displaying  the  advertisements.

Users  click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser. After viewing the ad, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of cash on their NeoBux account. I have spend well over $700 through neobux advertisement.

2.) Enbux :  Enbux  is  still  in beta. I  heard  good  news  about them. When  you  become  a  member  of them  you  can  have  following  facility. 

  • You'll be able to earn up to $0.02 cents per click
  • You'll be able to earn up to $0.02 cents per click you referrals makes.
  • Instantly payment/receiving system. · Access to a growing community. · Detailed statistic graphs over your account and referral perfomance.

3.) :  What  you  get  as a  member  at  you  can  earn  up  to  $0.02 (2 cents)  per  click and  up  to $0.01 (1 cents)  for  every  ad  your  referrals  click.
Beside some good PTC site there are a lot of scam PTC site. So be aware of those scam sites. Here is the lists of scam PTC sites that I can remember.

Lists of Scam PTC Site
1.) Hybux
3.) Tuibux
4.) Richptc
5.) BuxWiz
6.) BriteBux
7.) Valuebux
8.) Stockbux
9.) BuxForYou
10.) Qualitybux
11.) Neobux-India
12.) ProjectBux

So be aware of these scam sites.

Enjoy            :-)


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