Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is CLOUD computing ??

I have read a  article on Cloud Computing and decided to post it. This article is written by one of the famous s/w engineer Gagan Kundra .

Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies that provide computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. A parallel to this concept can be drawn with the electricity grid, wherein end-users consume power without needing to understand the component devices or infrastructure required to provide the service.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs whenever someone comes on stage, the world is alarmed. Who let this time show little device that will change people's lives. Why is Apple the company, who gave us a iPod, Macintosh and iPhone are such tools. Jobs done something like this again. The only difference was that he did not have any tools. Just talked about a similar service to the people on the entire data and information from different devices can. Aiclaud Apple is the name of the service. But it's not actually Apple, but shows the power of cloud computing. Service's name may be, whether the service to be Apple, or Google, or Microsoft, but cloud computing in the coming days will sputter. Tech - pundits say that it will change our lives. Companies like Infosys have been predicted that almost all the work in the coming days the world will be on clouds. Just remember that no water in these clouds, but digital data - like - is filled with such information and other associated material. And the clouds in the sky, but on a giant computer - the server is called - are found.

Cloud computing is getting to be too much nowadays, but it is not a new thing. If you are on the Internet, so that - unconsciously you will also have to use it. I can not believe the e-mail as simple as taking the example of an Internet service. Most people e-mail on your computer, do not download, but leave it on the internet to see. Who your computer's hard drive to the e-mail wants to fill? But you never thought that this e-mail that you have left over the Internet or the Web, Where saving is kept, so you whenever you want your e-mail account, going to see it. The answer is simple - to cloud. You probably do not know, but nearly every time you leave something on the web, the data contained on these clouds. Whether it be a picture on Facebook, you - a video on the tube, or a new article on your blog. If he left you on the web, you are using cloud computing. You will have noticed that you leave the stuff on the internet, on any computer or cell phone or a tablet-like device can see. After all, your e-mail or Facebook Most office and home computer or your phone may get. This is the greatest power of cloud computing and specialty. It kept you on the Internet, its content or data from anywhere, anytime viewing and gives the ability to change.

 A few years ago was meant to use any software to download it to your computer or cellphone. Then the software could only be played on computers or cell phones. Today, via cloud computing could use the same software, with nothing to download, virtually any device - phone, tablet, computer or even from television. Consider that the cloud has taken the place of your computer. Now, Google's Google Docs, which runs entirely on the internet and gives you almost the same features you get with Microsoft Office, there is no need to download. It will remain on the files and documents, you can look at any computer or cellphone. and Google Docs is just an example. Dozens of world power and benefits of cloud computing companies trying to use it are given. Amazon's cloud service to their customers, keep your favorite songs have the chance. 

Microsoft has put many products on the cloud and its famous office software is also put on some cloud. And now Apple has also stepped into cloud computing. Aiclaud service people like him - look at the software and information and to use the facility will offer many tools. Interestingly, many are free of cloud computing service. To use Google Docs and Aiclaud you do not have light pockets at all. like - like an increasing number of software will run on the web, anyway - so we will run the digital cloud. Our work on certain devices, but will depend on our Internet connection. The Internet will be able to do or where we will be able to satisfy yourself. Whether we are or tablet computer, or cell phone, or TV, or game console, or to connect to the Internet even if the clock. Your work and be entertained, where would the internet. He will not be tied to a device. 

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