Monday, November 28, 2011

ORA-7445 Internal Error

An ORA-7445 is a generic error, and can occur from anywhere in the Oracle code. The precise location of the error is identified by the core file and/or trace file it produces. Whenever an ORA-7445 error is raised a core file is generated. There may be a trace file generated with the error as well.

Prior to 11g, the core files are located in the CORE_DUMP_DEST directory. Starting with 11g, there is a new advanced fault diagnosability infrastructure to manage trace data. Diagnostic files are written into a root directory for all diagnostic data called the ADR home. Core files at 11g will go to the ADR HOME/cdump directory
For more Indispensability check the below :

1. Check the Alert Log  :    The alert log may indicate additional errors or other internal errors at the time of the problem. In some cases, the ORA-7445 error will occur along with ORA-600, ORA-3113, ORA-4030 errors. The ORA-7445 error can be side effects of the other problems and we should review the first error and associated core file or trace file and work down the list of errors. 

If the ORA-7445 errors are not associated with other error conditions, ensure the trace data is not truncated. If we see a message at the end of the file “MAX DUMP FILE SIZE EXCEEDED" . the MAX_DUMP_FILE_SIZE parameter is not setup high enough or to ‘unlimited’. There could be vital diagnostic information missing in the file and discovering the root issue may be very difficult. Set the MAX_DUMP_FILE_SIZE appropriately and regenerate the error for complete trace information.

2. Search 600/7445 Lookup Tool  :  Visit My Oracle Support to access the ORA-00600 Lookup tool (Note 7445.1). The ORA-600/ORA-7445 Lookup tool may lead you to applicable content in My Oracle Support on the problem and can be used to investigate the problem with argument data from the error message or we  can pull out key stack pointers from the associated trace file to match up against known bugs.

3. “Fine tune” searches in Knowledge Base  :   As the ORA-7445 error indicates an unhandled exception in the Oracle source code, our search in the Oracle Knowledge Base will need to focus on the stack data from the core file or the trace file.

Keep in mind that searches on generic argument data will bring back a large result set . The more we can learn about the environment and code leading to the errors, the easier it will be to narrow the hit list to match our problem.

4  .  If assistance is required from Oracle  :    Should it become necessary to get assistance from Oracle Support on an ORA-7445 problem, please provide at a minimum, the 

  • Alert log
  • Associated tracefile(s) or incident package at 11g
  • Patch level information
  • Core file(s)
  • Information about changes in configuration and/or application prior to issues
  • If error is reproducible, a self-contained reproducible testcase: Note.232963.1 How to Build a Testcase for Oracle Data Server Support to Reproduce ORA-600 and ORA-7445 Errors.
  • RDA report or Oracle Configuration Manager information

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