Thursday, November 17, 2011

ORA-16606: unable to find property

This error occurs because the apply service state is inconsistent or the named property does not exist . In my case, when i configured the data broker and is working fine. Whenever, i fire the below the command the error occurs as .

DGMGRL> show configuration verbose noida
ORA-16606: unable to find property "noida"

While using the below command it is working fine.

DGMGRL> show configuration verbose

Configuration            - dgnoida
Protection Mode       : MaxPerformance
Databases                 : noida - Primary database
                                : delhi - Physical standby database
Fast-Start Failover   : DISABLED
Configuration Status : SUCCESS

To solve this problem , I crosscheck the archive dest and state of primary database and find that the state of status of log_archive_dest_state_2 is deffered . I enable the dest state and then  disable the configuration and later enable the configuration .Now it's working fine.

DGMGRL> disable configuration
DGMGRL> enable configuration

DGMGRL> show database verbose noida

Database - noida
Role:                        PRIMARY
Intended State          TRANSPORT-ON
Instance(s)               noida
    DGConnectIdentifier                      = 'noida'
    ObserverConnectIdentifier             = ''
    LogXptMode                                = 'ASYNC'
    DelayMins                                    = '0'
    Binding                                         = 'optional'
    MaxFailure                                   = '0'
    MaxConnections                          = '1'
    ReopenSecs                                = '300'
    NetTimeout                                 = '30'
    RedoCompression                      = 'DISABLE'
    LogShipping                               = 'ON'
    PreferredApplyInstance              = ''
    ApplyInstanceTimeout                = '0'
    ApplyParallel                              = 'AUTO'
    StandbyFileManagement            = 'AUTO'
    ArchiveLagTarget                      = '0'
    LogArchiveMaxProcesses         = '4'
    LogArchiveMinSucceedDest     = '1'
    DbFileNameConvert                 = ''
    LogFileNameConvert                = ''
    FastStartFailoverTarget             = ''
    StatusReport                             = '(monitor)'
    InconsistentProperties                = '(monitor)'
    InconsistentLogXptProps          = '(monitor)'
    SendQEntries                           = '(monitor)'
    LogXptStatus                           = '(monitor)'
    RecvQEntries                          = '(monitor)'
    HostName                              = 'TECH-199'
    SidName                                = 'noida'
    StandbyArchiveLocation          = 'D:\archive\'
    AlternateLocation                    = ''
    LogArchiveTrace                    = '0'
    LogArchiveFormat                 = 'ARC%S_%R.%T'
    TopWaitEvents                      = '(monitor)'

Database Status                        :  SUCCESS

Enjoy    :-) 

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Joe Joy Valiyaveettil said...


I have done data broker setup and completed duplicating the data from primary database to standby database. I added primary database to the configuration and when I'm trying to add standby db I'm getting error as

DGMGRL> add database 'orcl_standby' as connect identifier is orcl_standby
maintained as physical;
Error: ORA-16606: unable to find property ""
Error: ORA-16554: translation not valid


I checked log_archive_dest_2 and it is enabled. Any possible solutions?