Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ORA-28000 ,ORA-28001, ORA-28002 : The Account locked ,expired or password will expire within xx days

ORA-28000 specifies the user's account is locked .The common reason of occurring this error is when it gets locked internally based on the profile resource limit. This error may also occur when the user has entered wrong password consequently for maximun no. of times as specified by the user's profile parameter i.e, Failed_Login_Attempts. To solve this error either wait for the Password_lock_time or the DBA can fire the below command to solve this issue :

SQL> alter user abc identified by password account unlock ;

ORA-28001 specifies the user account is expired . This error commonly occurs when the expiry time is reached . By default the expiry date for a newly created user is of 180 days . Hence to solve this issue, increase the limit of the password expiry date. For this check the profile assigned to the user and then limit the password expiry date. To solve this issue increase the password expiry periods .

SQL>select username,profile from dba_users where username='TEST' ;

SQL> alter profile  profile_name limit  PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME  UNLIMITED;

ORA-28002 specifies that  the user's account is about to about to expire and the password needs to be changed. This can be solved either by changing the password or by changing the user profile. If we do want this behavior, we need to do the following:

1.) Logon to the product database as the SYSTEM user (not the application administration user).

2.) Find the profile that has the PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME set to anything but UNLIMITED.

SQL> select * from dba_profiles where RESOURCE_NAME LIKE  'PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME';

If the user name say "test" and password is also "test" then check the profile assign to the user as

SQL>select username,profile from dba_users where username='TEST' ;

Once ,we have profile, we alter the profile and password .

3.)  Alter the profiles with the following statement:

SQL> alter user test identified by test  account unlock ;

SQL> alter profile  profile_name limit  PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME  UNLIMITED;

where profile_name is the name of the profile where wer need to set the password life to UNLIMITED.

This should remove the password life message.

Enjoy   :-) 

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