Monday, May 2, 2011

Important points to be noticed when diagnosing export/import issues

There are various points should be considered while performing or diagnosing the imp/exp operation . Here are some important point which we should while diagnosing the import/export issues.

1.) Check if we are using correct syntax or not . Use exp help=y or imp help=y to get the correct syntax.

2.) Check if we are using correct exp/imp utility (version) against the database. Use following metalink note for compatibility matrix .Note 132904.1 – Compatibility Matrix for Export And Import Between Different Oracle Versions .

3.) Check  DBA_REGISTRY  view to see if the components are in valid state .

4.) Try  setting  errorstack  if  we are facing  “ORA-”  error .

5.) Try  setting  trace=y  parameter  in  export/import. This  will  generate  a trace  file  ( similar to sql trace ) which can be used to diagnose the problems .
e.g;  exp  system/passwd  full=y  file=expdat.dmp  log=exp.log  trace=y 

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