Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday , 13th March .  I will wish myself  a Very Very Happy Birthday To Me and may god fulfill  my wishes and dreams .
I am honor to say it was my year of Joy, Happiness great turn around and l thank God for all . He has in place for me in many years to come,am just so happy another new year is added to my new sweet life, Glory to God for everthing . He has done and more to do.

Here is a nice Poem which is dedicated to myself .    :)

I'm not afraid of counting years;
Each year is a new myth exploded.
I'm not afraid of wrinkles and gray hair;
This body is how I navigate through the cosmos, so I try to love it and be
I'm not afraid of death; It is only the final myth to unravel. I'm not even afraid of the devil,
because it is our adversary who gives us life's most precious gifts. I'm
ftwenty years old and lost things are coming back:
Emails from long vanished friends
Bits of shattered faith discovered in between the cracks of the couch and
under the edges of the carpet that I'm piecing together into a mosaic New things
arrive every day too:
New poems
New stories spinning out of my brain
A new sense of my place in the old story
New meaning in the ancient struggle for justice Each year is a new crossroads.
    Happy birthday to me!!!!


kavita said...

Happy Birthday

Paresh said...

It's too late yet Happy Birthday......

Paresh said...

Its too late yet Happy Birthday


Thanks Kavita and Paresh :-)