Monday, October 10, 2011

Journeyman On OTN

Hello  All
It is a good day for me. Today i become the Journeyman on OTN site . It's great pleasure while being the journeyman . Working with Oracle is  exciting, challenging and great fun.

I am Passionate about Oracle.Though  i am working with oracle for few years and find that oracle is a great Database . whenever I ask a question to myself how much i know about oracle , the answer is  "NOTHING" . Now my aim is know "something" about oracle . There are lots to be learn and the journey is too long.

The only advise I will like to give others and try to follow myself is that always  work or choose the job that you are enthusiastic or  passionate about .If you are motivated or enthusiastic ,you will be able to learn more and enjoy while working . I beleive that knowledge is not only about learning but about sharing to others.

Enjoy    :-)