Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Tasks Of A Database Administrator

The Database Administrator is one of the most difficult and critical positions to fill and retain. DBAs must be able to react, communicate, and plan across many different business functions.  Here we will find a set of common tasks needed to be performed daily by any DBA. The tasks are as below  

  1.) Regular Monitoring of The free space in Database.
  2.) Verify instance status
  3.) Check alerts logs, Trace files and Listener Logs
  4.) Check configured metrics
  5.) Tablespace Usage
  6.) Check RMAN backups
  7.) Check users User sessions
  8.) Check memory usage
  9.) Check network load
10.) Object modifications
11.) Check User sessions
12.) Redo log status
13.) Analyzing the performance of theDatabase
14.) Checking the long running queries on the database
15.) Monitoring the Top SQL Statements
16.) Monitoring Sessions
17.) Monitoring System Statistics
18.) Are the Oracle Names and LDAP Servers up and responding to requests.
19.) Check to ensure that no objects exist in the database with the status ‘INVALID’

Enjoy    :-) 


Shripal Singh said...

Good work bro keep it up

Shripal Singh said...

Good work bro keep it